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I am unvaccinated can I still get Health Insurance.

 We have been hearing some mean rumors about folks telling the unvaccinated that they can not get health insurance. If you lose coverage from a job then it opens a special enrollment and you have 60 days. We have had enough questions that we did a quick 10 minute video on it. For the unvaccinated, the Affordable Care Act protects you from being discriminated against. You can get a individual health plan on the Washington Healthplanfinder until January 15th, 2022. We recommend getting some assistance from an enrollment center as they cost nothing and some areas have over 70 health plans to choose from.  There are some carve outs. Large Group plans can add surcharges for the unvaccinated. Kroger  and Delta Airlines  are good examples of doing a soft mandate.  A Healthshare Ministry while allowed under the ACA is not insurance so if they can change their rules leaving subscribers no avenue of appeal. We do not work with these products because we like regulated products that if the compa

Child Care Workers get no cost Health Insurance

What happens when you have a new program in Washington State that get's people zero cost silver plans? You tell everyone that you can. Here is the five minute video on the details. We are one of the eleven enrollment centers and we have been excited about this program for a few weeks. One of the big things that COVID highlighted was the importance of child care. The legislatures saw this and so they made child care on the Washington Healthplanfinder no cost for certain plans.   We are making it as easy as possible. 1. Select a time and method that works best for you.  2. We will enroll and upload any documents that you might need. 3. The program managers will confirm your name on the list from Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families.  4. If you have any questions throughout the year you can contact Suzie Health Solutions . 

Washington Health and Medicare Insurance Enrollment

 It's October and we have started the Enrollment Season. The last couple of weeks, we have had people with Covid call us looking for Health Insurance and people losing their coverage due to opting out of a vaccine mandate at their work. It is our job to educate and enroll people in insurance regardless of their position. We are the Enrollment Center located in Wenatchee. Enrollment Centers are unique to Washington state and there are only 11 of us . We work with the Washington Healthplanfinder and can be found linked to their site. We have to go through special requirements like explaining every plan and not charging any fees. Some of the brokers sites like The Suzie @Wenatchee Insurance  work additionally with Medicare plans and Life Insurance so that you have additional opportunities.  We saw a big reduction in the cost of Healthcare because of the American Rescue Plan. In Washington state we enrolled thousands of people into plans for $1 or less starting in June. These lowered r

2022 Health Insurance Rates for Washington State from Enrollment Center

 Each year at The Suzie @ Wenatchee Insurance  we talk about rates in June . It is one of the few times that the public has a chance to lower their insurance rates. If you follow our podcast or facebook page then you have a greater chance of knowing when this occurs. We even did a follow up video about the thousands of Washington State Residents that were able to purchase Healthcare for $1 or less.  For 2021 thanks to ARPA, nearly half were paying $100 or less for a qualified health plan and these savings will continue through 2022 at least!  The office of the Insurance Commissioner has released some results. The first round impacts the plans found on the Washington Healthplanfinder . If you are not using this tool to shop for insurance then you should just because of the American Rescue Plan's lowering of rates through 2022. Since the adjustment to the top bracket opened up reduced pricing to the upper income brackets, there is very little reason to be shopping off exchange th

The Big Covid Post for Central Washington

  We have been following the Centers for Disease Control since last year at the Enrollment Center. We had some serious conversations about Covid because we did not hear the conversations occurring. At the end of July they passed a major change that folks might have missed. We do live under a media bubble when it comes to healthcare.   We have talked about a year for safe behavior .  To maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission. Deltas spread is twice as great as the original strain . By the reactions in my office this week most people did not get the memo. Delta has been a Snoop Dogg levels for some time. COVID-19 variants were expected . All RNA viruses mutate over time. Every time they infect a new host, they have a chance to change, and these changes are called variants.  So let’s break down some of the myths . Canadian Medical Association It'

Special Enrollment for Health Insurance in Washington State

 Open Enrollment for Healthcare will run November 1st 2021 through January 15th 2022 . This is when people can make changes to their healthcare. There are 11 Enrollment Centers spread throughout Washington State and we are located in Wenatchee . Enrollment Centers have been around for six years and are almost a secret way to get no cost help with understanding health insurance. It has been a great program to be part of. Some are even set up to assist with Medicare and Life Insuranc e as well.  Outside we have what is called Special Enrollment .  One of the myths is that you can enroll any time of the year unrestricted is not true. You may be required to submit documentation to prove that you have a valid reason to get healthcare outside of special enrollment.  We have seen Special Enrollments for: Income - You have low income and Qualify for Apple Health : Do not be surprised if the Healthcare Authority asks to see how much you make .  Native American/Alaska Native Tribal Member : Du

Confluence Health dropping Premera, Lifewise, and Regence, not so fast let's talk about this.

  Confluence Health announced that they are going to terminate the contract with Premera January 31,2022. We started hearing about the negotiations back in May so we double checked with the Premera Filings in June. Our county is zone 7 and you can quickly see how we are priced compared to the rest of the state. You can also see that Premera intends to be in our area because it is literally in their filed plans. If they don't reach an agreement then professionals already have solutions.  We have had insurance companies leave the area before. The last we saw this was Soundpath Health a Medicare Advantage Plan bought by Premera closed its's doors January 1, 2019. We saw it when Premera, Lifewise and Molina left the individual marketplace during a contraction. At any given time, there is about two hospital systems negotiating with an insurance company. Insurance professionals have dealt with this before and have plans for when this happens.  We are recommending to not do anythin

Mandates and Vaccination are as American As Apple Pie

  We enroll people into health insurance . Over the last year plus, we have also had to battle with COVID restrictions. We were one of the fortunate small businesses in that we could help people remotely and we had most of the internal protocols ready because of a Tuberculosis exposure a few months earlier. There are 11 enrollment centers located through the state, we just happen to be in Wenatchee. It wasn't until May, that we noticed something. A local Health district published the vaccination rate by zip code. When we started looking at the vaccine hesitancy they have an commonality. It is not a real surprise because both are created in a similar fashion for people to operate in a destructive, toxic fashion. We have fought that disinformation wall for nine years. We know that there are a ton of our neighbors sitting in the center that will leave it for friends and family to pick up after they followed bad information. When you are in the country then you will probably recognize

Back to the Mask, thanks unvaccinated

Masks are back in a big way!  The Argosy Restaurant has had enough. They posted a No Vax, No Service sign on their front door.  Nearly all deaths and hospitalizations in the United States for Covid is from the unvaccinated. Covid deaths are 98% preventable however there is a group that is failing not to kill Americans, the unvaccinated.  Yes, on 7/28/2021 the CDC recommended that masks should be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status if you are in a substantial or high transmission area. We talked about this possibility yesterday on our podcast . These are area marked in Orange and Red .  To qualify for Substantial then you have a transmission rate of 50 to 99 per 100K in the last 7 days or percentage of positive tests of 8.0% to 9.9% To qualify for High then you have to have more than 100 transmissions per 100K or greater than 10% positive tests. Over half the country fell into these categories. In North Central Washington, it means masks are back indoors for all people in Ch

Delta, Lambda, Travel to Canada and Mandatory Vaccinations

  February of 2020 has been over a year ago. We were preparing for a Home show to talk to thousands of people about running the Enrollment Center in Wenatchee and other Suzie Health Solutions options. We thought that all we would need was an touch free hand sanitizer. How little did  we know. We masked up and ran most of last year with one Special Enrollment or another. From Covid Special Enrollments to finishing up with the wildfire special enrollments for the End of 2020. The last Covid Special Enrollment has been going from February 15th through August 15th. Millions of Americans have received coverage during this special enrollment and they are receiving lower rates.  We are excited to have a few months to train and just focus on special enrollments. Special Enrollments are documented reasons that allow a person to get health insurance. Some of the reasons are losing employer coverage, moving into the area when you had coverage, getting married when one of you had coverage. Appl

Cheap Health Insurance, Washington Healthplanfinder and Enrollment Centers

The Washington Healthplanfinder started the Full Service Enrollment Centers about six years ago. Some are run by small businesses (brokers) and some are run by corporations (navigators). When the Healthplanfinder put out the request, we seemed to be a good fit. There are some rules to operate an Enrollment Center.  1. Easy access to the public and open year round. 2. Enhanced Security and Insurance. 3. Experienced In person assisters.  4. Offer all plans regardless of pay.  5. No additional fees.  From our experience of working with insurance for nearly a decade. Always select a broker. If not us then someone connected to a Enrollment Center. You are already paying for them ($0 Dollars) and if you need assistance or have questions then you have a prepared customer service team. It is an easy way to support a small business and help build a community resource.  Special Interview with Coordinated Care CEO There are enhanced features such as ability to assist with Long Term Care, Life Ins

Why would a Health Insurance video be banned from Facebook?

  Hey, it’s The Suzie @ Wenatchee Insurance,  working with the Washington Healthplanfinder. We have had an office on Wenatchee Avenue for over six years now. We assist people navigate, understand, and enroll in Health, Life, Medicare Insurance to name a few. There is eleven enrollment centers spread throughout the state to assist folks. We help everyone that walks through our door or gives us a call. It is however getting tougher to reach folks. Here is the banned video on Facebook. Vivian was a friend of a friend that needed assistance and we were able to help out. Community is really about people helping people without judgement.  Unfortunately, we live in a politically charged world so getting the information out to the people that need it is not always easy. Every year, it gets tougher to spread the word about help being available. This year, we had to register for the first time as a Health Insurer to be able to do outreach on Google. That’s correct, we have to register and spe