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Native Americans and the ACA

The information for Native American Services is spread pretty out. (The ACA is probably one of the worst marketed programs ever). Here are the basics for individuals that have their tribal affiliation. 1. At 300% or less of poverty level (400% in Alaska) you get the no cost sharing (the zero co-pays). This year that is $35,640 per year with a modified adjusted gross income. Which is fancy talk for you can write off some income and qualify for better rates. 2. You can enroll throughout the year. 3. You can apply for an exception for the tax penalty. 4. Improvements to existing Indian Health Services. I always recommend using a no-cost broker. (Ask up front if they charge because some are needing to charge). We don't charge fees, are licensed by the state, trained how plans work, and can help with situations like this. If you have any questions then let me know I am always glad to help out. Websites for more information: http://www.hh