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Health Insurance Enrollment for 2021

  It has been a great year as a Full Service Enrollment Center for the Washington Healthplanfinder .  there are 10 others spread across the state. A normal Open Enrollment runs from November 1 st through December 15 th . However, we have a bonus enrollment season. December 16, 2020 through January 15, 2021, you can enroll in a qualified health plan that starts February 1, 2021. Set an appointment or walk in . This is a great time to get a second set of expert eyes on a health plan if you need to make any changes. In our area, we have over 31 basic plans on the Healthplanfinder so you can miss details that impact how you use your insurance. You can roll into the pharmacy and fill a prescription that first week in January and discover that you were paying more for a prescription than you planned so make a change.   Eleven months of coverage beats no coverage until 2022. Normally, it takes a documented reason to get health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment period. This w

Medicare & Healthcare update during Covid

Here at t he Wenatchee Enrollment Center, we have been enrolling people like crazy With December 7th, the end of the annual enrollment period for Medicare, we are seeing a flood of people needing Medicare help. For our local customers is has been good to call a 509 number or walk into our office on Mission Street and get service.  Normally, I would say set an appointment using our Calendar. Appointment Calendar . During the time of Covid, we were prepared to help everyone remotely with phone calls and virtual meetings. We have been operating for years to help our people out in Okanogan, Stevens, and Ferry Counties this way. In some cases, the insurance companies were needing to catch up with us. A good example was being able to provide virtual seminars for Medicare Advantage plans. We also have people that need in person and we do those appointments as well. We have been masked up and providing hand sanitizer to clients since March when the first protocols for safer offices were