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What to do when offered bad health insurance from work.

‘My job offered me a plan for $60 a month but it has a huge deductible, do I have to take it? Last year it was $400 when I visited my doctor.’ We get these questions on a regular basis. I don't expect people to spend money on things that don't work or pay a penality when they don't have to . The employer offers a health plan that covers the employer for the Affordable Health Care Penalty but does very little to help the employee or their family. In Washington State, we have our own state exchange with a lot of plans. So many plans that brokers spend months learning plans so that we can help our clients get the most out of their money. There are Health Insurance companies that will only offer their plans using the state exchange. There are also some that are priced down to the point where a 28 year old was able to get health insurance for $209 a month with a $20 co pay to see his doctor without tax credits! There are times when it is best if a job does not offer health i