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Single Payer

Before I started working with Healthcare, I was a big fan of a single payer system. The more involved and the more understanding led me to a position that I do not believe single payer is possible in the United States. I can say this due to the continuous exploitation of sick people and tax dollars by unethical individuals. Here are some examples: 1. I am a veteran that does not like the VA. I remember the hanging fluorescent tubes from the ‘70s. It has been rocked by countless scandals throughout the years. Whether it is document shredding the applications of Veterans ; to bonuses paid to poorly behaving employees ; to waiting lists for waiting lists . They may do some good treatments however it needs to be overhauled at the least or dismantled at the best. 2. Medicare is another American System that people talk about expanding because of low administrative costs. We see abuses in Fraud and False Billing . It is a team event of ineffective management on the government level and un