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After a decade of waiting for all residents to have access to Healthcare, Washington State will have it for 2024.

  Matt's first questions a decade ago was would healthcare be available for ITIN s? The Individual Taxpayer Identification number is how immigrants without a Social Security Number file taxes. The first couple of years that we enrolled people, we literally saw stacks of 1040 tax filings for folks wanting to get Healthcare.  We had people that when they applied for healthcare discovered that they were not as their parents told them born in the United States. This includes the Dreamers who have been on hold since 2012. Sometimes we got lucky with refugees being granted special status. However for the most part immigrants were blocked from the marketplace.  We can finally say that 2024, we will have Healthcare regardless of immigration status! New first-in-kind federal waiver aims to improve access for uninsured Washingtonians Starting in 2024, all Washingtonians, regardless of immigration status, can get health and dental coverage throug

Time to talk about PEBB, SEBB, Health Insurance, and Medicare

  At The Suzie at Wenatchee Insurance Agency , we can explain and assist in enrolling in Health and Medicare Insurance Plans. We are trained by the companies, have annual certificates for Medicare and the Healthplanfinder and hold licenses in Washington state. Annual Enrollment Periods are limited: Enrollment Periods Medicare is from October 1 through the 14 we can talk about the changes for the following year.   From October 15 th through December 7 th , we can enroll and make changes to Medicare plans. Note we do not work for company retirement plans such as PEBB or SEBB. We can assist with Medicare Plan D Prescription plans, Dental or alternatives. Healthcare enrollment is from November 1 st through December 15 th for plans starting January 1 st 2023. Since we have a state-run exchange, they can extend it like this year we have a bonus enrollment period from December 16 th through January 15 th for plans starting on February 1 st , 2023. We are not employees of the Hea

Medicare and disclaimers.

 This year Suzie is going through her Annual Medicare Training . It is done every year and allows her to contract with Medicare Plans, educate and enroll consumers and receive a commission for her services. If you have been to our main webpage then you notice that we do a lot of different types of insurance.   Insurance is an heavily regulated industry. It requires being trained and then licensed with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner. We purchase equipment, open office spaces, and software so that we can effectively interact with the public. We have to secure contracts with companies if we want to be able to offer their products. Now not every company offers contracts with Agents. So we had to put up a new disclaimer. "We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any Information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options. " Yes, since not every company do

Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Drug Plans from a local office.

  We do a lot of work with the Washington Healthplanfinder as an Enrollment Center for Healthcare. Seriously, we are open year round answering questions and enrolling people in healthcare. When Suzie first started transitioning from being a Pharmacy Technician, she wanted to lead helping Medicare Individuals with their plans.  Yes, we assist people with Medicare. We stock materials Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Drug plans so that we can help with questions at our office in Wenatchee for your initial enrollment. Most people can enroll into Medicare plans 3 months before their 65 th Birthday, the month of and 3 months after their Birthday. Folks also can delay enrollment if they are covered by   plan through work. We can do a lot over the phone however sometimes there is nothing like having a complete enrollment packet in your fingertips. We like to take the time to do it correctly and it is not a problem to answer questions through the year. The best part is that we can as

Native American Health and Washington State

We find people all the time that are unaware that they have access to low cost/high benefit healthcare. The Native American Program is a good example on why we have talked about the ACA for nearly a decade.  The Affordable Care Act improved healthcare quality and coordination. It included a permanent reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act . It was designed to help prevention and improve wellness by increasing access to affordable health coverage. If you are a member of a federally recognized tribe or Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act (ANCSA) Corporation shareholders then you are qualified for the program. The Healthplanfinder will ask for proof of affiliation however we can help you upload a copy. Marketplace Health Plans. Washington is an expanded medicaid state so up to 138% of the federal poverty level then you are enrolled in Apple Health. These are comprehensive plans which means most services including dental are included.  Between 138% and 300% of the feder

Dental Insurance with updated prices.

 At the Enrollment Center we do a lot of different pricing for Dental Insurance.  One of the more popular is Delta Dental for our area. For 2022 they updated their pricing in our state. This is only a partial description of benefits; for full plan benefits and pricing then visit our site .  This is different from the state and may be different from other Delta Dental offerings as they have a wide variety of plans available. For example this is different from the plan offered on the Washington Healthplanfinder.  We also walk people through the coverages for a better understanding. We have appointments, online, over the phone or in person if you are in the Wenatchee Area .  We do enrollment year round for dental and a few other programs.  Catch our Blog Suzilla . 

Health Insurance and why you should enroll right now.

 As a full service enrollment center  for the Washington Healthplanfinder , Suzie Health Solutions educates and enrolls people into healthcare for no cost. There are 11 enrollment centers however we are the one located in Wenatchee.  If you do not have health insurance then enroll now. You may not be able to get it until 2023 as there are special rules however it means that you are one step closer to having coverage. Schedule an appointment and get your options .  For the last nine years, we have assisted with people enrolling into Apple Health . While the application can be confusing or you might not understand the letters, these are things that we assist with so that you have coverage.  In June of 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act went into effect in Washington State and we saw costs plument. In Washington state over 10,000 were eligible for $0 cost plans . To be fair they often come in at a $1 per month however they have serious cost sharing at the silver level.  Yes, you could h

Taxes and your Healthplan

  Tax season is upon us again. Suzie Health Solutions an Enrollment Center with the Washington Healthplanfinder, we have been printing these forms  and answering questions for years without charging a fee.  The tax season runs from 01/24/2022 through 04/18/2022 . If you have not heard then you want to file electronically and choose direct deposit. Seriously, they are starting the year with a tremendous backlog .  One of the forms that you need to file your taxes is the 1095. There are three types. The 1095 - A is provided by the Washington Healthplanfinder for it's clients for paid plans. In Central Washington these are Ambetter , Community Health and Lifewise . They are available on the account and can be reprinted. If the application is closed then it will be mailed. This form is required when filing taxes .  The 1095 - B is provided by the Health Care Authority for clients that have enrolled in Apple Health. This form will not be mailed; it is accessible to download in the