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Time to talk about PEBB, SEBB, Health Insurance, and Medicare

  At Suzie Health Solutions , we can explain and assist in enrolling in Health and Medicare Insurance Plans. We are trained by the companies, have annual certificates for Medicare and the Healthplanfinder and hold licenses in Washington state. Annual Enrollment Periods are limited: Enrollment Periods Medicare is from October 1 through the 14 we can talk about the changes for the following year.   From October 15 th through December 7 th , we can enroll and make changes to Medicare plans. Note we do not work for company retirement plans such as PEBB or SEBB. We can assist with Medicare Plan D Prescription plans, Dental or alternatives. Healthcare enrollment is from November 1 st through December 15 th for plans starting January 1 st 2023. Since we have a state-run exchange, they can extend it like this year we have a bonus enrollment period from December 16 th through January 15 th for plans starting on February 1 st , 2023. We are not employees of the Healthcare Authority