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Apple Health perks for Amerigroup, Coordinated Care and Molina

Since Suzie Health Solutions is the Full Service Enrollment Center located in Wenatchee, we receive a lot of requests about Apple Health. We wrote an early blog post about low and no cost care for children . We assist people with all income levels with professional assistance. We do not get paid for every policy that we write but that doesn't stop us from helping people.  Healthcare can be confusing. We always recomend connecting with a no cost broker and a navigator so that you get maximum customer service. For example if there is a payment issue with a insurance company and we are connected then we can sort it out quicker if there is an established affiliation.  One of the topics that came up recently is what is the difference of the three Apple Health Managed Care Providers. This blog post is going to hopefully answer those questions. Here we go: Fast Comparison Chart Amerigroup Washington . I strongly suggest that you check out their members handbook  as they go through the n

Medicare Part D 2021

 When Suzie is not talking about Medicare Advantage plans . She recieves questions about Medicare Part D . Here are the stages that you may not know. The Deductible Stage : While some plans have a zero dollar deductible, the most an annual deductible will be is $445. You are responsible for 100% of your prescription drug costs until your deductible is met. The Initial Coveage : You pay a copay or coinsurance. Your Part D plan pays the rest for prescription drugs included in your plan's formulary.  The Coverage Gap : After you and your plan have together spent $4130 on prescription drugs then you enter the coverage gap or donut hole. You now pay 25% of the cost of your prescription drugs.  Catastrophic Coverage : When you have reached $6550 after your total out of pocket expenses on prescription drugs plus any discounts, you are back to small co-pays or coinsurance until the end of the year. Plan Year Resets : Everything resets January 1st and you return to the deductible stage.  E