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Child Care Workers get no cost Health Insurance

What happens when you have a new program in Washington State that get's people zero cost silver plans? You tell everyone that you can. Here is the five minute video on the details. We are one of the eleven enrollment centers and we have been excited about this program for a few weeks. One of the big things that COVID highlighted was the importance of child care. The legislatures saw this and so they made child care on the Washington Healthplanfinder no cost for certain plans.   We are making it as easy as possible. 1. Select a time and method that works best for you.  2. We will enroll and upload any documents that you might need. 3. The program managers will confirm your name on the list from Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families.  4. If you have any questions throughout the year you can contact Suzie Health Solutions . 

Washington Health and Medicare Insurance Enrollment

 It's October and we have started the Enrollment Season. The last couple of weeks, we have had people with Covid call us looking for Health Insurance and people losing their coverage due to opting out of a vaccine mandate at their work. It is our job to educate and enroll people in insurance regardless of their position. We are the Enrollment Center located in Wenatchee. Enrollment Centers are unique to Washington state and there are only 11 of us . We work with the Washington Healthplanfinder and can be found linked to their site. We have to go through special requirements like explaining every plan and not charging any fees. Some of the brokers sites like The Suzie @Wenatchee Insurance  work additionally with Medicare plans and Life Insurance so that you have additional opportunities.  We saw a big reduction in the cost of Healthcare because of the American Rescue Plan. In Washington state we enrolled thousands of people into plans for $1 or less starting in June. These lowered r