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Covid Vaccinations, Passports & Healthcare in Washington state

At t he Wenatchee Enrollment Center, we have been running steadily since the first business closures in March of 2020. Since we enroll people in healthcare, we have been using masks, disinfectants and social distancing for over a year. Since our focus is on living insurance, we want our clients to be around as long and healthy as possible. The vaccines are a light at the end of a very dark period.  If you want healthcare then you have until May 15th. We are one of the eleven enrollment centers throughout the state that can answer these complex questions without charging a fee.    We have made it to Phase 1B Tiers 3 & 4 in Washington's state Covid-19 program. In Washington State 3.2 million doses have been given and about 15% are fully vaccinated! Private pharmacies are now offering the vaccine so the process is speeding up.   As 3/31/2021 1. If you meet the requirements then enroll: The Washington state site is located at:   2.We set up a h

Reporting Income for Apple Health and Qualified Health Plans on the Washington Healthplanfinder

OK thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) and last year's Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act of 2020 (CARES Act), we have a lot of income that may or may not impact your healthcare. If you have a good tax preparer do not hesitate to talk with them if you have questions. As this is only some of the simple guidelines. Here is the FAQ from the Healthplanfinder about the American Rescue Plan. It is a big deal and we have talked several times about the impact that is having on healthcare for good. Here we talked about it on our Podcast: Suzilla .  Tax guideline chart On the Washington Healthplanfinder , there are two types of plans. 1. The Qualified Health Plans which can use Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) to lower monthly costs. If the Income level is under 250% of poverty level then a household can also receive Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) which lowers things like deductibles, out of pocket maximums and co-pays to increase household savings.   2. Ap

Cheap Health Insurance from American Rescue Plan Act (Covid Bill 2021)

 Here at Suzie Health Solutions , we have been talking about the Covid Bill for a while now.   One of the facebook videos is here.  If you have listened to our Podcast: Suzilla or seen one of our videos on Facebook then you know that something major is going on with the cost of healthcare.  1. Right now, the Washington Healthplanfinder have set up a FAQ sheet about the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. There are some important things to note.   They are expecting to make the pricing changes by Mid May so talk to an enrollment center to see if they have taken effect.  Big cost savings to households for 2021 & 2022 If you want to peek at the tax credit shift then go here .  COBRA changes will only last until Sept 30. This will lower the cost of insurance for 2021 and 2022. There is no legislation to extend it at this time.  2. The Department of Health & Human Resources estimate that 79,200 will now get credits in Washington state that didn't have them prior. Additionally

Can you sign up for Healthcare or Medicare over the phone?

We run Wenatchee Enrollment Center . For the last four years, we have been the full service enrollment center for the Washington Healthplanfinder located in Wenatchee.   In North Central Washington, we can see road closures. It is nothing to see North Cascades Highway, Sherman, or Stevens Pass close during the winter month. This year we saw Pine Canyon near Waterville, WA shut down with a landslide. So what happens if you need help with Healthcare?  For the majority of situations, we can enroll and make adjustments over the phone or using screen sharing technology.  We have been doing business from Sequim to Spokane since the first year of the ACA when people scrambling to find help. We have even been known to help people calling in on Satellite phones from the Bering Sea! We do recommend setting an appointment so that we have some introductory information and that we are not out of the office and can dedicate time for you.  We also do walk ins if you are located in the area.  We do h

Health Insurance Enrollment in Douglas and Kittitas Counties Washingoton.

  Why Douglas & Kittitas Counties We are looking at roughly 5700 people in Douglas County and another 3600 in Kittitas County that are going without Health Insurance when they have access to a resource that will assist them. We are looking because many of the counties in our area lowered their uninsured rates prior to Covid 19 shutting down everything March of 2020. Currently, we have a Covid Special Enrollment in Washington state. This means if you don’t have healthcare or want to switch from COBRA or a Health Ministry then you have until May 15 th . We have been seeing a lot of first-time enrollments this year so here are some tips. 1.      There are some terms that you may not be familiar with or understand them differently than being used. Assisters are there to aid and if you forget something during the year call up the enrollment center and they can assist you. 2.      Have a idea of what your current income is and budget for healthcare is. About 70% receive a discount