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Health Insurance and why you should enroll right now.

 As a full service enrollment center  for the Washington Healthplanfinder , Suzie Health Solutions educates and enrolls people into healthcare for no cost. There are 11 enrollment centers however we are the one located in Wenatchee.  If you do not have health insurance then enroll now. You may not be able to get it until 2023 as there are special rules however it means that you are one step closer to having coverage. Schedule an appointment and get your options .  For the last nine years, we have assisted with people enrolling into Apple Health . While the application can be confusing or you might not understand the letters, these are things that we assist with so that you have coverage.  In June of 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act went into effect in Washington State and we saw costs plument. In Washington state over 10,000 were eligible for $0 cost plans . To be fair they often come in at a $1 per month however they have serious cost sharing at the silver level.  Yes, you could h

Taxes and your Healthplan

  Tax season is upon us again. Suzie Health Solutions an Enrollment Center with the Washington Healthplanfinder, we have been printing these forms  and answering questions for years without charging a fee.  The tax season runs from 01/24/2022 through 04/18/2022 . If you have not heard then you want to file electronically and choose direct deposit. Seriously, they are starting the year with a tremendous backlog .  One of the forms that you need to file your taxes is the 1095. There are three types. The 1095 - A is provided by the Washington Healthplanfinder for it's clients for paid plans. In Central Washington these are Ambetter , Community Health and Lifewise . They are available on the account and can be reprinted. If the application is closed then it will be mailed. This form is required when filing taxes .  The 1095 - B is provided by the Health Care Authority for clients that have enrolled in Apple Health. This form will not be mailed; it is accessible to download in the