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The American Rescue Plan Act and Healthcare in Washington State

  Here at Suzie Health Solutions , we have been working with Healthcare because of the Affordable Care Act . Matt has been writing insurance for nearly a decade. He transitioned from property from a customer request. Suzie is second generation Insurance coming over from being a Pharmacy Technician for nearly two decades. We are going on five years of running the enrollment center in Wenatchee with the Healthplanfinder.  Give us a call (509-295-9055) or grab an appointment if you could use some help navigating health insurance. We charge zero fees.  The Affordable Care Act had a historic number of hours of debate and amendments during Committee development.  It was a massive law covering insurance coverages, healthcare costs and preventative care. It added protective rights called the Patient Bill of Rights that protected consumers, required insurance to cover 10 essential health benefits , a means for those with  low income to get coverage and a new way for the public to shop for