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Looking for Cheap Health Insurance first look at Rates for 2022

Hey, dialing in from the Wenatchee Enrollment Center . Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act, healthcare has gotten cheaper for 2022. If nothing is done then it will skyrocket in 2023 for some of the people. That is for a different blog.  Here is the teaser of what we are looking at in Central Washington: Again, we are the most or second most expensive zone in the state for the health insurance plans. Healthcare is a team event with a dance between Providers and Insurance companies. When you have large areas to cover with only a few providers, providers can drive up the price. If you are concerned with the trend in Central Washington then our largest providers can be reached at: Confluence Health   Columbia Valley Community Health   A simple comment of could help:  Insurance Companies have left our area and have had to raise rates. We have some of the highest rates in the state for health insurance. The Health Insurance companies are required by law to pay back funds if 80% of premiu