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What happens when a Medicare Advantage plan leaves?

Suzie and I have been working with Health and Medicare Plans for years. What happens when my medicare advantage plan leaves ? It comes up frequently during the initial enrollment period. The quick answer is we go through the different options and select a different one at that time. We have seen Molina & Premera paid plans leave our Chelan County. Lifewise leave and come back, Moda leaves the state, Soundpath Health Medicare Advantage wave goodbye to North Central Washington. We have been taking care of the entire Washington state for over eleven years. It is tough when a plan that you are comfortable with cannot continue in your area. Not every county in Washington state has Medicare Advantage plans. The insurance company has to identify that there is enough people who qualify, obtain contracts with providers in the area, and have enough profits that can be made in the area to continue to operate. Every year, some Medicare Advantage plans may leave the Medicare program by Dec.