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Healthcare Special Enrollment in Washington State

  February 15 - May 15, 2021 During 2021, we are looking at the first Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to allow people seeking health insurance coverage to get coverage. Due to COVID-19, the Washington Healthplanfinder opened up our ability to assist people getting healthcare. (Normally, you have only from November 1st through December 15th).  Suzie Health Solutions is one of the eleven full service enrollment centers located in Washington State. We assist people year round in making changes, uploading their documents, understanding healthcare and enrolling in plans. We do not charge fees for our services.  What you need to know: • This SEP begins on February 15, 2021 and runs through May 15, 2021 . • This SEP is for those currently uninsured as well as those who are enrolled in other health insurance products – including short-term limited duration plans, health sharing ministries or COBRA – who are seeking coverage alternatives (anyone not currently covered through Washington H

Filing a 1095 form when you have Health Insurance in Washington state.

Here are Suzie Health Solutions , we have been helping people get their 1095 Forms since the second year so that they can file their taxes. We are one of the full service enrollment centers for the Washington State Healthplanfinder . We print out forms and assist customers attached to us for no cost. We have done it so long that we created a help form. If you go to: then we can quickly generate and email a form for you so that you can file your taxes. Always file your taxes .  If someone tells you that you made too little to file your taxes then they are incorrect and go someplace else to file them. Filing your Federal tax credits is for every that receives a tax credit to reduce the cost of health insurance. If you do not file, then you jeopardize your ability to reduce the cost of healthcare and may have to pay full price.  1095-A form is eligible for everyone with a Qualified Health Plan. In our area this would be Lifewise and

Suzilla podcast: Health Insurance Network coverage episode.

We got a little excited last week when we did our first Travel Insurance policy in about a year. It means that we are moving beyond COVID-19 and travel restrictions. We did a lot in 2019 as they filled in Gaps of people with narrow network plans and expect the same for 2021. We answer the question of tight networks for health insurance during this episode of Suzilla . We can be found on most Podcast platforms. If you have healthcare then you have to be aware of your network. Will your plan cover you in the next county, next state or outside of the country? How do you fill in the gaps? We have been doing that for the last 8 years (7 for Suzie). We have been using some low cost supplemental plans to cover high deductibles for years. Who makes these network decisions and drives up costs? We get into some of the mechanics of cost. What roll does your provider play in cost? As Suzie Health Solutions , we have been working on Health Insurance, Medicare, and travel insurance for