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Talking points for fixing healthcare

I see more value to using the established systems than trying to recreate the wheel. Most of us insurance professionals are using exchanges so we just have to work on making it consumer friendly. I know that the brokers are a dwindling resource because most get torn up between customer needs and insurance company’s demands. Some companies have failed to pay brokers as they rely on the exchanges for their sales force, while others that have reduced their support to the point that some brokers have had to resort to charging additional fees to keep the lights on. If you ever need any help or want me in the room then let me know and we will be happy to be a resource for you. Here are a few talking points to improve the current system. –Matt McColm at www. A. The high risk pools proven to be unsuccessful in providing affordable service to the small population that they served. We recommend reinstating the reinsurance corridors to the companies participating in the Health