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How does the Stimulus payments impact my Healthplanfinder account?

We are deep into our second month of assisting people with enrolling in healthcare. Our main page always has good basic information including how to find us. This fall will be our eight open enrollment that we have assisted people with health-plans with out adding a fee. On to the questions. Did you receive a $1200 check to help you get by during Covid-19 stay at home/ quarantine? How about the extra $600 in unemployment. The help for the plans on the Washington Healthplanfinder are driven by income. If your income is not reported accurately then you could be overpaying for your healthcare or you could be required to pay back money when you file your taxes the following year. Let's take care of the top questions . special enrollment rules 1. Do I need to change the income in the Healthplanfinder for the $1200 check? The answer is a resounding no. The $1200 per person ($500 for children) does not count as income and does not need to be reported. 2. I am drawing an extra

Enrollment Centers working with the Washington Healthplanfinder

Enrollment Centers in Washington State are unique as people are able to get help with out extra charges. We provide Statewide help for the Washington Health Benefits Exchange. Consumers get no cost help in selecting and enrolling in health and dental plans through the Washington Healthplanfinder. There is wi-fi available.  As a bonus, the broker partners may provide additional assistance with additional insurance products such as Medicare, Supplemental and Life Insurance products so ask. At Wenatchee , we upload documents, notarize and do our best to assist our clients in effectively using healthcare. Hands Free Hand Sanatizer Broker Affiliated Enrollment Centers Wenatchee Suzie Health Insurance 1630 N. Wenatchee Avenue, Ste. 18, Wenatchee, WA 98801 1-509-293-9051 Schedule an appointment Bellingham Rice Insurance 1400 Broadway Street, Bellingham, WA 98225 1-360-734-1161 Kennewick The Advisor Benefits Group 5101
Hey from Suzie Health Solutions. We have been doing some updates. Have you seen what has been going on at our Website ?  So we started a blog this week. We wanted people to get information in 1/2 hour light chunks. We have two episodes up so far. You can find us on Spotify , Google and Apple so far. You can also find us on PODBEAN .

Covid 19 ( Corona Virus) and Medicare

We run Suzie Health Solutions in Wenatchee, WA. In addition to running the Full Service Enrollment Center for the Washington Healthplanfinder . We help people navigate through Medicare without charging fees and assist in filling in any coverage gaps.  So far Centers for  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ( CMS ) has not opened a special enrollment with FEMA under the declared  Emergency . But there are some special benefits going on for Medicare enrollees because of the Emergency Waver .  As a result of the Covid- 19 outbreak, have you lost your group health insurance offered through your or your spouse's job? Are you age 65 or older? If so, you, or someone you know in the same situation, should enroll in Medicare coverage right away as you most likely qualify for a Special Enrollment Period . If you already signed up for Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) while you were actively working, you’ll need to complete the following two forms and get them together t

COVID 19 Special Enrollment in Healthcare

Since we are a Full Service Enrollment Center , we work all year round in assisting people get healthcare. We do this with out charging a fee. There are eleven spread through out the state with different skills. The broker groups are able to fill in gaps and often are able to answer Life and Medicare questions. We happen to be in Wenatchee . We keep track of what Covid 19 is doing at this site . The Washington State Department of Health is another great site. It literally tracks the resources needed to fight it and gives a good representation of infected and forecasted death rates. Yes, this is serious stuff in that we are looking at 1600 of our neighbors being killed by Covid 19. Covid 19 has forced some businesses to remain open because they are essential.  If you need to report an non essential business breaking the law then here is the form . While some groups focus on helping small businesses during the crisis , or individuals . The first round of relief checks will b