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Why everyone should have a life insurance policy outside of work.

Our website is located here:     Suzie and I got into the conversation about Life Insurance the other day. It has had a big impact on our lives. When I was in my 20s, I received a check from my father's passing. Suzie received her check in her 30s when her father passed. These policies were from outside of the workplace and in my father's case he added policies through the years as part of his financial planning.  If you have access to an employer group life insurance then purchase it as it is usually very affordable for a modest amount. Unless you plan on working there the rest of your life without your employer ever changing benefits then look to secure outside life insurance policies. It gives you flexibility and when you get older you may not be able to purchase an insurance plan due to injury or illness.  Life insurance is a family tool. Most people are familiar with a Term Policy . It is like renting an apartment. You pay a certain amount until

What Covid-19 & Vaccine phase is Washington State in?

At the Enrollment Center ,  have been seeing quite a few questions about where are we at with COVID-19 in Washington State. We enroll people into Medicare and Health Insurance so we have been on the front lines since last March. So here we go with questions.  1. First and foremost we are in a Special Enrollment Period for Healthcare . If you don't have healthcare then set an appointment and we can get a plan going as soon as possible. We have this Special Enrollment Period until May 15th. It may take a little while longer as there are some approvals in the background that occur during Special Enrollments.  1B Tier 1 currently 2. We are in Phase 2 of reopening in the state using the Roadmap to Recovery . We are not scheduled to be evaluated for another six days.  The key metrics are Trend in Case Rates, Trend in hospital admission, Percent ICU Occupation and Percent Positivity. Currently we have the highest rate of ICU Occupancy at 87%. The lower the Percent Positive the better off

Special Health Insurance Enrollment

  11 Enrollment Centers in State Hello from Suzie Health Solutions. We are the Full Service Enrollment Center located in Wenatchee, Washington. We assist people from all walks of life understand and enroll with insurance. We do not charge fees and are available throughout the year.  If you need help then grab an appointment here . We can work online or in person. The app even sends reminders.  Between February 15th and May 15th if you need health insurance then we can get it. Normally, we are only enrolling people that have a documented reason. (Why it's called Special Enrollment). Yes, we help folks year round when they move to the area, loss coverage from an employer, get married. Here is a small portion of who we help.  We recommend always selecting a broker at one of the enrollment centers. In Wenatchee, we have Matt and Suzie McColm at Suzie Health Solutions. By having us connected to your account, it costs you nothing and allows us to assist you immediately if there is a pro

Washington State Lifewise Help 2021.

 At Suzie Health Solutions , we assist with every possible plan. We are one of the eleven full service enrollment centers for the Washington Healthplanfinder . One of the three biggest individual health insurance plans is Lifewise in our area. We get a lot of questions and this blog should answer the questions.  If you do not have a broker like Suzie or Matt McColm assigned to your account then take time to do so right now.   By taking the 5 minutes to connect, it helps us keep our lights on and provide assistance throughout the year. Call the Washington Healthplanfinder at: 1-855-923-4633.  Onto the help. Here is the map for the Major Providers connected to Lifewise for 2021.  Here is where you want to go for details into major networks .  Protip: An easy way to confirm is talking with the billing department of the doctor. Here is where you want to go to look up doctors or dentists .  If you want to look up prescription coverage .  If you want to pay your Bill by phone at 866-327-80