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I am unvaccinated can I still get Health Insurance.

 We have been hearing some mean rumors about folks telling the unvaccinated that they can not get health insurance. If you lose coverage from a job then it opens a special enrollment and you have 60 days. We have had enough questions that we did a quick 10 minute video on it.

For the unvaccinated, the Affordable Care Act protects you from being discriminated against. You can get a individual health plan on the Washington Healthplanfinder until January 15th, 2022. We recommend getting some assistance from an enrollment center as they cost nothing and some areas have over 70 health plans to choose from. 

There are some carve outs. Large Group plans can add surcharges for the unvaccinated. Kroger and Delta Airlines are good examples of doing a soft mandate. 

A Healthshare Ministry while allowed under the ACA is not insurance so if they can change their rules leaving subscribers no avenue of appeal. We do not work with these products because we like regulated products that if the company behaves poorly then we can file an appeal. 

Grandfathered plans are not required to pay for a COVID-19 Vaccine. If you have one of these plans then look for exclusions and coverages. The Congressional Research Service mentioned that certain coverages/networks may not be covered.

So yes,  you can get health insurance and remain unvaccinated. Be aware some treatments programs will require vaccinations for example organ transplants. University of Washington is one such facility. Have the conversation with your Doctor. Many Insurance companies are making access easier and providing incentives to be vaccinated. 

Bonus: Life Insurance.

Yes, life insurance companies do not care at this time about your vaccination status. They don't ask and with a proper policy (non-accident) then they will pay a claim. 


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