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The gig economy and life insurance

It takes minutes

Temporary work, contract jobs, seasonal jobs, freelance, piece work, driving for Uber, selling on Etsy, etc. The gig economy has been around for ever. Whether it is picking apples for the season, working the slopes at mission ridge, to being a contractor at a server farm it is easy to fall into a gig career path. About a third of the American workforce has found themselves bouncing from short term job to short term job. While the pay can be good temporary, what about the long term?
A policy for everyone

When was the last time that you met someone that retired after working from the same job for 40 years? On average, you will change jobs times 12 times in your lifetime. What happens if the next company doesn't offer a plan? We have seen companies terminate life insurance policies for retirees. Do really want to leave your family high and dry for a short term job?

What happens when you die? Your bills don't go away. A majority of adults say a funeral service helps in the grieving process. Young adults have turned to crowdfunding 17% to help pay for funerals in recent years. The sad fact is crowdfunding campaigns reach their goals less than a third of the time. Instead of mourning, people are turning to hustling and compounding the tragedy and failing.

We have been working with helping people with health insurance for seven years in Central Washington. We are small business owners, we are outside the big corporations and  use products to support our family's lifestyle for the long run. Since we work with a large population that do not have health insurance from their employer, it was no surprise to see a lack of Life Insurance protections as well. We have been to more than one funeral that the family was struggling to pay for. We went looking for a way for our neighbors to easily shop and secure a policy. We found a easy to use Life Insurance exchange.

Log on and answer a few questions. 

It will ask you for your:

  • name
  • gender
  • how healthy
  • height & weight
  • birthday

Then you shop.

If you need a term policy to cover things like a mortgage, make sure your kids can go to college, business loans are covered, or general bills then great. The average american is running around with $38,000 in debt and leaving your spouse paying the bills without your income sucks. Term policies are generally lower priced. You may even have the opportunity on some policies to skip the nurse's appointment for a few dollars more.
You are more important than you think.

If you want a permanent policy then you are looking at some great financial tools. These are for the people that are planning long term. Personally our family has taken loans against a permanent policy for down-payments to move and even bury a loved one that did not have a policy! The basics:

1. Accumulation IUL is our highest cash value policies.
2. Final Expense is a no exam policy for people between the ages of 40 and 85.
3. Guaranteed UL has little to no cash value.
4. Protection IUL is a death benefit focused policy with cash values that grow based on the S&P.
5. The Universal Life has a Long Term Care rider!

These are A rated companies. Feel free to go and compare prices, we have people do that all the time and come back. Life Insurance is tax free money that beats asking on a cardboard sign. Since we have an office in Wenatchee, you can even grab an appointment or stop in and ask questions. Go over to Facebook and ask us a question. We are an HR office for everyone that is wanting to get ahead in this gig economy.


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