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Washington State Pride Tour

 We do a fair amount of work within the LGBTQA+ community. We have talked about the troubles with insurance equity. Completed additional training with Out2Enroll. Highlighted biases.  However, 2023 has been our biggest year to date.

1. We started off by forming Wenatchee Insurance which has a focus on events, homes, autos, and business insurance. This was a process that took us several years to create. We found Shayla Winter who was doing similar work within the community and formally teamed up. We are competing in the Super Nova Business Launch Competition and are hoping to get a couple of new businesses in the program next year. 

2. We joined the GSBA. Washington state's LGBTQ+ and allied chamber of commerce and the largest in North America. They are doing some amazing work while networking and educating. We also found out that we are the only member in the Wenatchee area. So do not be surprised if we continue to talk about it.

GSBA Gear at Fierce Together

3. We did our first LGBTQ business Networking event called Fierce Together at P2X Studio. We were able to complete 15 high-quality headshots. We had a great turnout for businesses including Kennedy Sprouts, Copacabana Snacks, Nammy Healthy Zone, Numerica Credit Union, Stinging Needles Tattoo and even the President of Wenatchee Pride attended. We wish Lincoln well in his attendance at Eastern. We were able to introduce many of these businesses to GSBA for the first time. 

4. May was massive for us. We were invited to Eastmont Highschool for Reverse Interviews to bust myths about being insurance agents and the opportunities there are to make a difference in the community. We were invited to Wenatchee Valley College for the workforce collaboration summit and the unwinding of Apple Health over the next twelve months. 

Shayla & Matt at Eastmont

5. We updated our LGBTQ website including resources and events. It is now housed at There is a Facebook group for folks to work together and share information. 

6. We launched Outlaw Agenda to provide low-cost shirts and gear with a positive LGBTQ+ attitude. The goal is to produce a new design a week for the first couple of weeks of summer. 

This brings us to the Pride Tour for 2023.

June 3rd. - We had a choice between Wenatchee Pride, Kittitas Pride (parade), and Snohomish Pride (parade and events). We are headed to Snohomish Pride. They have a Pride Pop up, kid's fair, Wine Walk, Bingo, Cabaret, etc. It's a positive team that has a diverse offering for entertainment and events. Very business-forward in how they coordinated which ensures this will be a long-standing event.

June 10th. Yakima Pride is the pace we will be. I promised them last year that we would be there and this year we are delivering the goods. This team is doing amazing work for the LGBTQA+ community. They do everything from a Rainbow Prom, Pride Day at the Fair, Monthly Socials, etc. They are perhaps the gold standard for teams in Central Washington and we were glad to be able to do a sponsorship with them this year. 

June 17th. Awaiting confirmation...

July 8th. Tri-Pride 2023 in Pasco Washington. Originally, this was going to take a year break and  Rural Americans United stepped up and organized for the Tri Cities. Hopefully, we will be able to visit The Emerald of Siam as they have been very supportive of the LGBTQ community and hosting events. 

Shayla with Permanent Flag

We are adding events all the time and the best place to find them is on our Facebook page. For an office of three, we are always looking for great allies. If you haven't looked at the Friends of Stella list on Progressive Devilry then you should as they have amassed a heck of a list of safe spaces. For us Pride has always been more than a month. 

Yes, we had a Rainbow Christmas tree.

If you want assistance with Insurance in Washington State then let us know. 

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