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No Health Insurance Penalty

Who likes paying something for nothing? When the ACA went into effect almost three years ago, the maximum a household would pay was $285. This is on top of any fees or expenses if you got sick or injured. Most people wouldn’t ever see the penalty because it was taken when they filed their taxes. We started helping people that year because we saw where the penalty was going to lead. The average client under 30 paid less than $150 a month for insurance or nothing at all if they qualified for Washington Apple Health.

For 2016 the tax penalty will be up to $2085 per household. This is significantly more than more people enrolling would pay for insurance. 80% enrolled were either free or qualified for a subsidy. There are 136 plans on the exchange which can lead to some confusion, which is why we recommend working with a broker. A broker receives training on how different plans function and are licensed and regulated by the Washington Insurance Commissioner. Ask a broker up front if they charge a fee for their service, the ones in our office do not because they serve the communities that they serve. Feel free to contact us at 509-293-9051 or EspaƱol at 509-787-1300 for more details.


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