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Healthplan Finder and Brokers

Brokers have always been an important part of the Washington Healthplan Finder. We have education requirements from the state for our license. We receive regular training from the Exchange on how it functions. We receive training from Insurance Companies on how plans functions. It was no surprise that one of the first customer satisfaction survey's rated brokers extremely helpful to 80%  from people enrolling in qualified health plans.
Suzie Health Solutions is a no cost broker.

The Washington State Auditor's office published it's Performance Audit in 2016 confirming the importance of selecting brokers. Right off the bat on page four, they mention shifting calls to brokers as being a possibility to reduce cost.  Brokers reduce cost by how they are paid. Brokers are paid by commission or charging fees receiving no payment for Medicaid. The exchange on the other hand pays for Navigators and the Call Center which drives up costs (page 28). Certain States improved their process such as Minnesota requires all insurance companies on their exchange to compensate brokers (page 29).

Washington borrows from Minnesota their enrollment center concept to increase customers receiving help enrolling in healthcare (page 29). They found that enrollment centers reduce overall cost while increasing customer service. Washington State required the eight broker groups to not charge fees while serving so no they do not receive payment for every customer that they assist with. Suzie Health Solutions has achieved this status three times.

A large number of Washingtonians are using the Healthplan finder to get their healthcare. In the last enrollment report the 1 in 4 in the state of Washington get their healthcare coverage from the Healthplan Finder (page 2).  In Chelan and Douglas Counties, we are up to 1 in 3!. The monthly cost dropped for the third year in a row for the subsidized clients in a row. The average 2019 premium was $168 with 70% qualifying for premiums. We saw the most returning customers. We are expecting to see a similar pattern for 2020.
Increased coverage in 2020

Now for 2020, we are expecting to see even more plan shopping. We are up to 62 plans from 9 different companies. Yes, 29 of those plans are completely new. 96% of the exchange consumers will have the choice of two or more insurance companies! The Office of the Insurance Commissioner calculated an overall record average rate decrease in the Exchange market of 3.27% for 2020 health insurance plans. So more plans at a lower cost to consumers.

From the very beginning, we have recommended selecting a no cost broker. It takes a minute and it get's you access to maximum service for minimal cost. We are a small business and it allows us to help you and your neighbors. If you need other coverage such as Travel, Medicare, Vision, Life or Supplemental then we can help you with those products as well. If you want tips through out the year then you an follow us on facebook.

Open Enrollment runs from November 1st through December 15th

Set an appointment right now if would like assistance. We do take walk ins but we hate for people to wait when they don't have to.


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Enrollment Centers in Washington State are unique as people are able to get help with out extra charges.

We provide Statewide help for the Washington Health Benefits Exchange. Consumers get no cost help in selecting and enrolling in health and dental plans through the Washington Healthplanfinder. There is wi-fi available. 

As a bonus, the broker partners may provide additional assistance with additional insurance products such as Medicare, Supplemental and Life Insurance products so ask. At Wenatchee, we upload documents, notarize and do our best to assist our clients in effectively using healthcare.

Broker Affiliated Enrollment Centers

Suzie Health Insurance
1630 N. Wenatchee Avenue, Ste. 18, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Schedule an appointment

Rice Insurance
1400 Broadway Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

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2020 Healthcare Open Enrollment and Low cost plans.

Open Enrollment is November 1st through December 15th. Outside of that time frame, it requires a special documented reason.

We have been helping people enroll into plans on the Washington Healthplanfinder with out charging fees since the first Open Enrollment. Insurance is expensive and complicated. Not everyone has been trained by the Insurance Companies how their plans function nor went through the education and licensing for a Insurance Producer in Washington State.

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