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HR 5 Equality Act, BLM and discrimination in business.

Do you feel it is important to treat all people like people? As a business owner this comes up more than I expected over the last decade. So when one of my friends that runs a barber shop asked about HR 5: Equality Act, I had to have a deeper discussion. Representative John Lewis spoke about the importance of the Equality Act passing. 
As a small business, we decided a long time ago to promote and support equality. It's our job to insure, not to judge. It's an very old school mentality that was reinforced by my first District Manager. If someone walks through my door as long as they are not abusive, disruptive or spreading illness then they are welcome. Our office literally assists just about everyone because we do business and are open to the public. We have no problem flying a pride flag, or a Black Lives Matters poster or a Latinx banner. We are part of a larger community.

Discrimination is an issue and it is creating social change in America. Black Lives Matter may be the…
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Covid, Healthcare, Employment and the 2020 Recession

We are on the front lines at Suzie Health Solutions. When someone loses their job and needs healthcare then they come to us. We have been helping people with little or no money sign up for healthcare since 2013. We literally have our finger on the pulse of the economy and healthcare. We started seeing businesses adjust their income last fall. We knew that it was going to be rough because hard news is not the easiest to look at.

Well how did we get here?

We were in trouble before Covid got a strong hold in the United States.

1. Our country's pandemic response was disassembled from the very beginning of the current administration. On Jan 13,2017, the Joint Obama-Trump transition team goes through a series of pandemic-scenarios. Most of the individuals are no longer with the administration. Funding and personnel are cut to key areas.

2. It has been politicized by the administration. Trump's tweets were bad and his rally's worse. As his attacks on science and government organi…

Going back to school with COVID?

The further that we get into August and the higher the COVID 19 infected, the more that sending our kids back to school will be an issue. As parent's of a 14 year old, it maters to us will our kid be safe. What level of illness floating around is a reasonable risk? How can he get that needed social contact with out contracting something that can injure or even kill him?

Everyone needs to follow what actions are occurring to help them find what is safe for their family.

Let's start with the politicians.
1. There is a great conversation between Representatives Kim Schrier and Katherine Clark. If you have not heard of Rep Schrier then you should know that she is a Doctor and parent of an 11 year old so she is a good person to listen to,
2. It recently became an issue with Florida Lawmakers when it Senator Rick Scott reveled that his Grandkids were going with distance learning instead of traditional school.
3. Baron Trump will be distance learning or a hybrid model instead of hi…
A few people noticed the distinct lack of materials concerning masks and wearing them. This is a problem since Washington state businesses were required to mask up July 7th. We just passed 3 million infected will little signs of slowing down. Yes, this means if you are in public doing business and can not social distance then you need to have a mask on. These materials are designed to be shared and help out.

We do not know if it is biological or environmental. It is impacting the Latinx four times greater than the white population. Minorities in general are being impacted at a greater rate.COVID 19 infects people of all ages.If you don't die then it can have long term effects. 

If you don't have a mask then feel free to stop by at Suzie Health Solutions and we have cloth masks to share until we run out. We are located at 1630 N Wenatchee Ave, Suite 18; Wenatchee, WA 98801. If you have questions about healthcare then feel free to ask. We educate with out charging fees and are …

How does the Stimulus payments impact my Healthplanfinder account?

We are deep into our second month of assisting people with enrolling in healthcare. Our main page always has good basic information including how to find us. This fall will be our eight open enrollment that we have assisted people with health-plans with out adding a fee. On to the questions.

Did you receive a $1200 check to help you get by during Covid-19 stay at home/ quarantine? How about the extra $600 in unemployment. The help for the plans on the Washington Healthplanfinder are driven by income. If your income is not reported accurately then you could be overpaying for your healthcare or you could be required to pay back money when you file your taxes the following year. Let's take care of the top questions.

1. Do I need to change the income in the Healthplanfinder for the $1200 check? The answer is a resounding no. The $1200 per person ($500 for children) does not count as income and does not need to be reported.

2. I am drawing an extra $600 per week for unemployment, do I …
Enrollment Centers in Washington State are unique as people are able to get help with out extra charges.

We provide Statewide help for the Washington Health Benefits Exchange. Consumers get no cost help in selecting and enrolling in health and dental plans through the Washington Healthplanfinder. There is wi-fi available. 

As a bonus, the broker partners may provide additional assistance with additional insurance products such as Medicare, Supplemental and Life Insurance products so ask. At Wenatchee, we upload documents, notarize and do our best to assist our clients in effectively using healthcare.

Broker Affiliated Enrollment Centers

Suzie Health Insurance
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Rice Insurance
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The Advisor Benefits Group
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Hey from Suzie Health Solutions. We have been doing some updates. Have you seen what has been going on at our Website

So we started a blog this week. We wanted people to get information in 1/2 hour light chunks. We have two episodes up so far. You can find us on Spotify, Google and Apple so far.

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