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How do I get cheap healthcare?

Today is myth busting for the price of healthcare in Washington State. We run Suzie Health Solutions, a Full Service Enrollment Center in Wenatchee, WA. We are trained and answer questions all year round for our clients. It is like having your personal HR department that works for you. 

In a recent survey of Uninsured, 2 out of 3 didn't even try to get healthcare with 1 out of 3 thinking price was a problem. The majority probably qualified to get reduced cost or no out of pocket to them. I found it a little strange that people didn't know what their options were deciding to gamble with a solutions. I don't want my neighbors to not get their kids to the doctor because they didn't get healthcare during open enrollment. 

We make it easy to get help.

Open Enrollment is very short running November 1st through Dec 15th for Healthcare. Medicare Enrollments are October 15th through December 7th. Outside of that time frame, you need documented reasons. It is why we tell people to pre-enroll and clean up accounts from September until Enrollment starts. (You can get going now by setting an appointment now that even sends reminders!)

Who get's help with Healthcare? If you are single making less than $4,163 a month and were not offered healthcare from work then you probably can get extra help. Yes, if you look at your taxes and are single making less than $50,000 a year then you probably get a price break. The price breaks for a family are larger for example a family of four can usually get help at $103,000 a year. The average household in Central Washington qualifies for lowered cost on their healthcare by over $4000. 

We use the computer and training to get discounts.

You want to look at plans that start in 2020 because, in addition to 7 companies have requested to lower their rates. The Insurance Commissioner puts it as 'record-low average proposed rates'. We will have a New Company offering plans in Central Washington (sorry, I can't name names until November 1st). Yes, Chelan, Douglas and Grant Counties can be looking at more than 15 plans that start next year. With that many plans, get a second pair of eyes to review and can make suggestions. If you don't want local help that you have an office then use one of the other Open Enrollment Centers for the Healthplanfinder as they do not charge fees and have gone through extra background checks.

We run event's during open enrollment and set appointments at odd hours. Our big event is at the Wenatchee Community Center, November 2nd from 10:00 AM until 2:00 pm. If you want to enroll at this event then call ahead so that we can connect and review the account. While we work on weekends often support does not. There are only 29 working days of Open Enrollment. It is why we recommend preregistering and setting appointments now.  
Suzie & Matt McColm
We are a local family run business and have been helping people get discounts for healthcare since 2013. You will never have to write a check in our name. You can find us at 1630 N Wenatchee Avenue, Suite 18, Wenatchee. You can visit our web page if you want more information about us. We have a facebook page that lists events. Of course, our appointment page that allows you to set an appointment now


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Open Enrollment is November 1st through December 15th. Outside of that time frame, it requires a special documented reason.

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