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Single Payer

Before I started working with Healthcare, I was a big fan of a single payer system. The more involved and the more understanding led me to a position that I do not believe single payer is possible in the United States. I can say this due to the continuous exploitation of sick people and tax dollars by unethical individuals. Here are some examples:

1. I am a veteran that does not like the VA. I remember the hanging fluorescent tubes from the ‘70s. It has been rocked by countless scandals throughout the years. Whether it is document shredding the applications of Veterans; to bonuses paid to poorly behaving employees; to waiting lists for waiting lists. They may do some good treatments however it needs to be overhauled at the least or dismantled at the best.
2. Medicare is another American System that people talk about expanding because of low administrative costs. We see abuses in Fraud and False Billing. It is a team event of ineffective management on the government level and unethical health providers.
3. Medicaid more Fraud.

The problems stem from poor enforcement of the administrators married up with ethically challenged health providers. The focus has shifted from taking care of the clients to a shell game of how money is taken in by various providers. Planned Parenthood videos in 2015 for money for time or space for tissue. Taking money for drug trials. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and it’s questionable nonprofit status. Our traditional Healthcare Centers focused on healing the sick have become profit centers run by unregulated businessmen to line their pockets. One of the major hands off policies is the Affordable Care Act’s Navigator Program. The intent was to provide a resource for the community to go and receive initial assistance with enrolling with insurance. A great idea since the CDC recognized the average person does not have the skill set of an Health Insurance Agent. Many of these programs are placed in community clinics and other health providers to provide immediate access for the uninsured. All initially good ideas however along the way was twisted into a revenue stream.

This is normally regulated by the office of the insurance commissioner however to bypass the consumer protection laws a hands off approach was used. As a state, $10 million from the state budget was dedicated to supporting this navigator program instead of developing a less expensive, better functioning private market. These funds are paid to the Health Benefits Exchange, who disperses the funds to partner organizations. The partner organizations then pay 75% of the tax dollars to the navigator groups and provide a bonus of 25% of tax dollars when they meet their sales goals. Yes, we are using tax money for sales bonuses sold in a manner not regulated by our states Insurance Commissioner.

Last year, a documented a Bait and Switch surfaced from one of these navigator groups when the Health Benefits Exchange was approached, nothing occurred over this despicable practice. As far as anyone can tell these poor practices exist today being funded by our tax dollars. We need to move away from the single payer, no one responsible model and back into a regulated market model focused on helping clients.


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