Friday, November 6, 2015

Health Insurance Washington 2016

The first week of open enrollment has been exciting. We have had some new customers and some old. When we first started and I looked at the system, I let everyone know; the first rule is always use a broker. This year is truer than ever before. Here are the challenges:

1. There are 143 plans for individuals. 30 plans for Small business and 8 dental for kids. These are plans that myself and many brokers have been training for months. This is a monstrous variety to choose from.
2. There are some plans that are only available on the exchange that are great even if you don’t have subsidy. The first year, we only had one company and now we have three that are going this route.
3. There are still some errors with the system. I was able to catch one early that no tax subsidy was being applied. It was $30 a month that the gentleman could use for other expenses.
4. I am still seeing businesses offering group plans that are either unaffordable or more expensive than some of the plans on the exchange without tax credits!
5. The tax penalties are even higher for not having health insurance!
6. If you are an adult and want to look at Medicaid, Dental, Vision or have a better understanding of an HSA then we can help you immediately.

Having a professional resource allows you to ask questions throughout the year and help you through you and your family’s changing needs. If you are in Washington State then call or stop in and we will help out. We are not paid tax dollars or by the exchange for our services. We are in this to help out our friends and neighbors with the education and training that we have completed throughout the year.

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